Confined Space Training

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Prepare your Employees to Work in and Around Confined Spaces Safely

Confined spaces are found in nearly every work environment and these spaces could potentially pose a significant hazard if not handled appropriately. This class will equip your personnel to completely understand entry procedures, personal protective equipment, and all hazards associated with confined spaces.

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What your team will learn

Our instructors begin in the classroom discussing many topics and ensuring your team understands all components of your company’s confined space entry program and all OSHA requirements for permit-required confined space entry. Your team will then receive hands-on training, using all necessary personal protective and other equipment, while making vertical and horizontal entries into a confined space on our mobile training simulator.

Man in hard hat enters man hole in confined space safety training.

Why we are your best choice for Confined Space training?

Nothing is more important than realistic hands-on training, so this is why we developed a unique training program that educates your employees on how to avoid the inherent risks associated with confined space entry. Part of this training will include your employees making entries on our mobile confined space training simulator. After training with our instructors, your team will have the confidence needed to be able to identify confined spaces, complete the required permits, effectively monitor the atmosphere, and make safe entry into these spaces following all company and OSHA required processes and procedures.


This course was designed for personnel who supervise or enter confined spaces to perform maintenance or other tasks. Our compliance training includes identifying confined spaces and associated hazards, monitoring, selection of personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilation options, and all OSHA 1910.146 regulations needed to safely enter a permit-required confined space. Employees will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience entry in a confined space by use of our mobile simulator
The classroom portion of training is four hours in duration, followed by a one hour hands-on exercise by having the opportunity to experience a horizontal and a vertical confined space entry using our mobile training simulator. We allow a maximum of 20 employees in the classroom session and will breakdown the attendees into groups of five to attend the one-hour hands-on portion of this training.
Yes, this training can be held during the winter as well as inclement weather as our simulator can be set up indoors, providing there is an adequate facility available. We would need a 12 foot overhead door to allow entry of our trailer and a 16 foot clearance to set up the tripod on top of our trailer.
Our confined space instructors are professional firefighters who have a unique blend of education and true life experiences. They are confined space rescue technicians who understand the hazards of confined spaces first-hand, providing a unique training experience that includes classroom requirements for initial and refresher training in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146, Permit-Required Confined Space Regulation, as well as the hands-on training.

“I just wanted you to know that I heard nothing but positive things about Steve’s class this morning.  He teaches the class in such a hands on way that everyone can relate to. They love the way he teaches the class, concepts are easy to understand and carry out.”

Cynthia T. – Briggs & Morgan


“He covers the basic content but in new ways, adding material and anecdotes that keep it interesting and practical. After explaining concepts, he asks engaging questions to help students retain the information.”

Dave L. – Imation Corporation


“It was probably the most effective safety training that I have experienced to date. The knowledge passed on was pertinent to work as well as home; and the fact that Dan communicated the information with home more in mind made the training more interesting to the crew.”

David D. – University of Minnesota


It was outstanding.  Dan of First Response with his exemplary credentials gave us a first-rate session.  His delivery was fact-filled and focused. There wasn’t a lost or wandering minute in the hour, and the show-and-tell and hands on riveted all of attention.”

Michele F. – University of Minnesota


“Your ideas on ‘active learning,’ creativity, and multimedia interaction used in the presentation to our group will certainly have a lasting impact.  Aside from the need for this training in the work environment, your training has practical application at home as well.”

Raymond A. – University of Minnesota


“The team that had the training in September loved Steve and Natalie – they loved the practicality and the application vs video and lecture!”

Stacy W. – Second Harvest Heartland

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