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Even after 23 years of conducting training, we continue to build our business one satisfied customer at a time. Interest is generated amongst your employees by creating a fun learning atmosphere

Dan Corrigan – CEO & Founder

Learn from Professional Firefighters

All of our instructors are experienced, professional firefighters. We don’t just teach it; we’ve lived it! Our firefighting background enables us to have a unique perspective as instructors. Because of responding to emergencies, we have seen first-hand both the cause of these incidents, as well as the life-changing effects of employees who are not trained to respond to these emergencies quickly and effectively in a safe manner

We’ll Educate Your Team So They Have The Confidence To Handle Work Emergencies

First Response conducts training throughout the United States for companies ranging from small daycare centers to large oil refineries. No matter how big or small, or what type of industry you represent, we are the company who will provide the training necessary so your personnel can prevent or handle any potential emergencies. Your business has made a large investment in your facility and equipment. Are your personnel prepared to protect it?

Respond to Emergencies Quickly and Efficiently While Professional Help Is On Their Way

When most people think of first responders, they think of police, fire, and paramedics. In reality, when an incident occurs, the people nearby are the first responders. The actions taken in the first minutes of an emergency may be the difference between life and death, or between a quickly extinguished fire versus your business being destroyed. This is why our company is named First Response. We provide your employees with the skills required to make a positive ‘first response’ until the next level of help arrives.


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