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Protect your employees with safety training from First Response, Minnesota's industry-leading CPR, confined space and fire safety training company for 25+ years.

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“I just wanted you to know that I heard nothing but positive things about Steve’s class this morning.  He teaches the class in such a hands on way that everyone can relate to. They love the way he teaches the class, concepts are easy to understand and carry out.”

Cynthia T. – Briggs & Morgan


“He covers the basic content but in new ways, adding material and anecdotes that keep it interesting and practical. After explaining concepts, he asks engaging questions to help students retain the information.”

Dave L. – Imation Corporation


“It was probably the most effective safety training that I have experienced to date. The knowledge passed on was pertinent to work as well as home; and the fact that Dan communicated the information with home more in mind made the training more interesting to the crew.”

David D. – University of Minnesota


It was outstanding.  Dan of First Response with his exemplary credentials gave us a first-rate session.  His delivery was fact-filled and focused. There wasn’t a lost or wandering minute in the hour, and the show-and-tell and hands on riveted all of attention.”

Michele F. – University of Minnesota


“Your ideas on ‘active learning,’ creativity, and multimedia interaction used in the presentation to our group will certainly have a lasting impact.  Aside from the need for this training in the work environment, your training has practical application at home as well.”

Raymond A. – University of Minnesota


“The team that had the training in September loved Steve and Natalie – they loved the practicality and the application vs video and lecture!”

Stacy W. – Second Harvest Heartland


What I enjoyed about your training was the classroom instruction and Q&A, plus the various types of scenarios used in the hands-on training portion.  I was a Firefighter/EMT/Fire Marshall for 10 years in Oklahoma, and I know how hard it can be to garner and keep people’s attention.  I had several positive comments stating that this was much more comprehensive and informative, as well as enjoyable, than the training we have done in the past.

J. David Powell – KOCH Pavement Solutions

Office worker practices CPR on a manikin.

Experience the First Response Difference

We are passionate about the safety of your employees. As an industry leader in safety training since 1996, we are committed to making sure your employees know what to do in an emergency.

  • All of our instructors are experienced, professional firefighters.
  • 25+ years of experience offering real-world, experiential safety training.
  • Training is realistic, common sense, and hands-on.

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Our Promise to You: Confident and Competent Employees

Your employees will recognize and appreciate the difference in the training provided. Your company will receive quality, effective training, meeting OSHA’s requirements, while leaving a lasting impression with your employees.

Dan Corrigan – CEO & Founder


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