Fire Extinguisher Training

Be Assured Your Employees are Trained to React to Fire Emergencies

Your business has fire extinguishers hanging on the walls but are your employees truly ready to use them when faced with a fire? Our realistic hands-on training will give your employees the confidence to safely and effectively handle a fire emergency.

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What your team will learn

Your employees will learn how to properly identify the classes of fire, their priorities during a fire, which type of extinguisher to use on each class of fire, the limitations of each extinguisher, when not to attempt to fight a fire, potential hazards that exist in fighting fires, and safety tips that can save their lives and those of their families.

Why we are your best choice for fire training

We utilize dramatic demonstrations, with different types of fuels, to reinforce the principles of fire behavior that we cover during the lecture portion. Each employee will gain hands-on experience by using an extinguisher to extinguish a live fire. This hands-on training is by far the most extensive fire training that can be brought on site to your facility.


Using the fire extinguisher is actually the easy part. The hard part is the mental aspect of dealing with fires. The first portion of class is an effective lecture presentation, covering all of these mental aspects necessary for successful extinguishment. Topics will include fire prevention, classes of fire, fire behavior, priorities during a fire situation, and proper use of the appropriate fire extinguishers. Home fire safety will also be covered, showing your employees that you care about them and their families 24 hours a day. Once the lecture portion is complete, your employees will be amazed when class is moved outdoors to conduct the demonstrations and the hands-on portion of training. We will also demonstrate all of the different fire extinguishers that you have at your facility.
Our company offers a one or two hour class, both meeting the OSHA requirements for hands-on fire extinguisher training. The one hour class is adequate for most facilities that have only one or two types of extinguishers. However, we do strongly recommend that companies who have never trained with us before hold a two hour class on their first year, so we have more time to build a solid foundation. Most of this extra time is spent in the classroom and covers many more topics in detail. Companies that have many different types of fire extinguishers may need to conduct two hour classes every year, as the extra time is necessary to cover every type of fire extinguisher at your facility in detail. Classes can also be customized to cover any other fire suppression equipment at your facility, such as fire hoses, dry chemical wheeled fire extinguishers, or manual fire suppression systems.
While most of our hand-on fire training is conducted in the summer months, we are able to facilitate training in the winter months using our fire extinguisher training simulator inside your facility. While not as involved as the live burn projects/hands-on training, this simulator training still meets the OSHA requirement for hands-on training.
Dan Corrigan is the lead fire safety instructor and also the founder of First Response. He recently retired after 32 years as a firefighter. During most of his firefighting career, Dan spent his days off from the fire station working in fire extinguisher sales, service, and training. The combination of these two career paths led to Dan seeing the need for high quality hands-on training and founding this company in 1996. This base of knowledge enables him to do a more thorough job of covering all aspects of fire safety, from prevention to extinguishment.

“I just wanted you to know that I heard nothing but positive things about Steve’s class this morning.  He teaches the class in such a hands on way that everyone can relate to. They love the way he teaches the class, concepts are easy to understand and carry out.”

Cynthia T. – Briggs & Morgan


“He covers the basic content but in new ways, adding material and anecdotes that keep it interesting and practical. After explaining concepts, he asks engaging questions to help students retain the information.”

Dave L. – Imation Corporation


“It was probably the most effective safety training that I have experienced to date. The knowledge passed on was pertinent to work as well as home; and the fact that Dan communicated the information with home more in mind made the training more interesting to the crew.”

David D. – University of Minnesota


“Your ideas on ‘active learning,’ creativity, and multimedia interaction used in the presentation to our group will certainly have a lasting impact.  Aside from the need for this training in the work environment, your training has practical application at home as well.”

Raymond A. – University of Minnesota


It was outstanding.  Dan of First Response with his exemplary credentials gave us a first-rate session.  His delivery was fact-filled and focused. There wasn’t a lost or wandering minute in the hour, and the show-and-tell and hands on riveted all of attention.”

Michele F. – University of Minnesota


“The team that had the training in September loved Steve and Natalie – they loved the practicality and the application vs video and lecture!”

Stacy W. – Second Harvest Heartland

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