CPR/AED + First Aid Training

Have the Confidence that your Team will React Effectively in Medical Emergencies

Providing your employees with our CPR/AED and First Aid classes equips them with the confidence to respond to life-threatening emergencies, potentially saving the life of a co-worker, and gaining the knowledge needed to manage basic injuries and illnesses.

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What your team will learn

Heartsaver CPR/AED provides your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and initiate basic care for breathing and cardiac emergencies until advanced medical professionals arrive. All attendees will receive American Heart Association certification. First Aid training prepares your employees to respond to many common illnesses and helps prevent minor injuries from turning in to life-threatening situations.

Why we are your best choice for medical training

Many people are intimidated by CPR and AED use. Our commonsense hands-on approach will take the fear out of this life-saving process. While CPR/AED and First Aid are our most frequently scheduled classes, we are also able to provide many other medical courses as needed in the workplace. Some examples include BLS Healthcare Provider, Emergency Medical Responder, and Emergency Medical Technician.


Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death among adults in the United States. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) dramatically increases the victims’ chance of survival. Your employees will leave this class with the skills to confidently administer life-saving measures during these emergencies. First Aid classes can be customized to cover topics such as controlling bleeding, diabetes, seizures, breaks and sprains, burns, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, frostbite, etc. We can also customize training to portray a ‘real life’ emergency by use of actors and theatrical make-up, allowing the students to react to this scenario from start to finish.
CPR/AED training is two-three hours in length; First Aid training is approximately one hour.
No one expects to encounter a medical emergency and few are skilled to offer the necessary treatment in the first few minutes until the fire department, police, or medical teams arrive. The life they save may be yours, a family member, a neighbor, or a stranger. Your employees will be prepared whether at work, at home, or anywhere in the community.

Our medical instructors are experienced professional firefighters with years of training and responding to life-threatening emergencies. Their real life experiences provide realistic scenarios equipping your team with first-hand knowledge of actual incidents that have occurred.

“He covers the basic content but in new ways, adding material and anecdotes that keep it interesting and practical. After explaining concepts, he asks engaging questions to help students retain the information.”

Dave L. – Imation Corporation


“I just wanted you to know that I heard nothing but positive things about Steve’s class this morning.  He teaches the class in such a hands on way that everyone can relate to. They love the way he teaches the class, concepts are easy to understand and carry out.”

Cynthia T. – Briggs & Morgan


“It was probably the most effective safety training that I have experienced to date. The knowledge passed on was pertinent to work as well as home; and the fact that Dan communicated the information with home more in mind made the training more interesting to the crew.”

David D. – University of Minnesota


It was outstanding.  Dan of First Response with his exemplary credentials gave us a first-rate session.  His delivery was fact-filled and focused. There wasn’t a lost or wandering minute in the hour, and the show-and-tell and hands on riveted all of attention.”

Michele F. – University of Minnesota


“Your ideas on ‘active learning,’ creativity, and multimedia interaction used in the presentation to our group will certainly have a lasting impact.  Aside from the need for this training in the work environment, your training has practical application at home as well.”

Raymond A. – University of Minnesota


“The team that had the training in September loved Steve and Natalie – they loved the practicality and the application vs video and lecture!”

Stacy W. – Second Harvest Heartland

Don't Gamble With Your Employees Lives. Choose First Response Today.

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