Woman in hard hat talks on cell phone in front of safety shoes and clothing.

7 Ways to be Proactive with On-the-job Safety

Being proactive is key to workplace safety. You don’t need to see an emergency or be in a disaster to...

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Man sits on computer at burning desk.

How NOT to Start an Office Fire

  The three most common ways office fires start are cooking equipment, electrical, and heating equipment. Fourth in line, at...

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Doctor sets lower leg in a cast.

5 Nightmare Situations Resulting from Improper Safety Training

A workplace injury, no matter how severe is something that is easily preventable by following safety procedures at all times,...

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Woman in factory writes on notebook.

How to Know if a Company is OSHA Compliant

If you work in an industry that requires safety inspections and OSHA compliance workspaces, you may often visit sites that...

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Man in hard hat enters man hole in confined space safety training.

Why it’s Important to Hire an Expert for Confined Space Safety Training

A confined space in the workplace is defined as being a space that is large enough for an employee to...

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Emergency door with fire extinguisher.

Conducting a Home Fire Safety Demo for Your Employees

When we say don’t gamble with your employees’ lives, we mean in and out of the workplace. We believe it’s...

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